Mobile Services

Mobile Marketing services that we provide

Mobile Marketing
It’s time for you to discover the cutting-edge marketing trend that saves you time, money and gets YOU a response rate of 50%.

Adikat can be engaged to implement a multi-faceted mobile marketing campaign for your business. We will ensure that all aspects of your campaign are implemented.
Bluetooth Proximity Marketing
As an Authorised Hypertag™ Partner, we are pleased to offer geo-location Bluetooth proximity marketing technology and services. These services tap into the consumer's environment and location
Group Texting
It has never been easier to send text messages to a group or groups of people. How would you like to be able to text all of your club members in seconds, or how about contacting your retail customers that have an interest in your xyz product, or even reminding your club group that the meeting has been postponed to later in the month.
Short Codes
Short code marketing can be used to drive sales instantly through promotions and special offers.

e.g. Text ADIKAT to 51444
Mobile Website
A mobile website goes hand-in-hand with a mobile marketing campaign. Your mobile website could have more information about your company or products and a form for users to opt-in their mobile number.
Mobile Bar Codes
Mobile bar codes, also known as QR Codes, are two-dimensional bar codes that can be scanned by a smartphone and decoded. The decoded message code be an action or information.